Thanks to everyone who came to the first rehearsal last night! Lovely to meet such a friendly and musical bunch.

If you couldn’t make it this week you can still join up – just drop me an email so I know to expect you. You haven’t missed too much, and will find with the practise MP3s you will pick things up.

Here’s what some of the singers emailed me to say:
“I just wanted to drop a note to say how much I enjoyed the first evening.  I had no idea we would be doing 5-part singing on our first attempt!  All down to your encouragement – thanks! Looking forward to next week.” Lan – alto.

“It was good to come to the first session, the opening song was very uplifting, it felt as if we were in harmony as soon as we started. Can see some potential within us.” Eric – tenor.

“I really enjoyed Monday and look forward to next Monday and the next and the next and the next …………… ” Daisy – alto.

After the rehearsal we will be going for a social drink at Coco Momo so do feel free to join us.

Looking forward to next week already, Hannah x

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