At the end of the Summer Term 2016 our singers were asked what the best part of singing with Kensington Singers was. This is what they said…

Kensington 4

“Several ‘best things’: Nice and friendly, enthusiastic & talented leader, good mix of music Variety of performances & opportunities”

“Hannah! (Seriously: the way you lead the choir is exemplary and inspiring. Though I also love my fellow Kensington Singers, especially my fellow basses, and I love the fact that it’s so close to where I live and that we’re such a friendly, welcoming bunch)”

“Team spirit / Hannah and she pushes us to the best we can be. The weekly singing together has been so great, also the practicing at home is really fun and the concerts are the climax, really. I think this term was the best with Mass in Blue – it felt really powerful. It has definitely enriched my life. “

“Charismatic leader!”

“Collectively singing and socialising”

“Singing with like minded people”

“The people, sense of fun and challenge”

“Fabulous people. “

“The singing.” 

“The people, variety of music”

Kensington 5

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