Lower Voices Wanted!

Sadly a lot less men sing in choirs than ladies and we at Kensington Singers would love to change this! Are you a man who’s not sure if you want to go from singing in the shower to singing in a choir? Meet some of the current and past Kensington Singers tenors and basses who can tell you more about what it’s like!

Ed – Tenor:  What I really like about singing in the choir is that I am learning to do something that I always wanted to do but never felt good enough to attempt. The choir is great because the more experienced singers really help those of us who are less experienced and together we seem to make a good sound! I found out about the choir through my daughter and would not have given it a go without her encouragement!

Andy – Bass:  I used to sing in a choir at school and loved it, but it was only recently that I decided to search for a suitable community choir to get involved in. I was fed up with attending carol concerts only to sit in silence as a choir would sing all the cool Christmas songs. I wanted to sing those songs! I stumbled upon Kensington Singers and after my first trial session I knew I had made the right decision. All the members are so friendly and the choir is very social as well, which helps! It was really important for me that as a male voice in the choir, the parts I would sing actively contributed to the piece as a whole and that I wouldn’t just be providing backing vocals. I shouldn’t have been worried. Hannah consistently picks a fantastic mix of songs where all the voices in the choir can contribute equally and it pushes me to work extra hard for our end of term concert!

Elliot – Tenor:  It took a lot of time wading through the murky internet waters, but my efforts were rewarded when finally I discovered the Kensington Singers. Here at last was a choir with a diverse range of both music and people, and who seemed, unlike so many others, to be enjoying themselves. I signed up in January 2013, and now know first-hand just how true that is; the people are among the loveliest I’ve met, the singing always a pleasure. In spite of all the other commitments and changes of circumstance that have emerged over the years, I couldn’t possibly say goodbye to the choir. It has become an integral and much-loved part of my life.

Dave – Tenor: I have always enjoyed singing and have now been with Kensington Singers for nearly 4 years. I can’t imagine Monday evenings without them. There are lots of opportunities for socialising too.

Donald – Bass:  I’d sung in a couple of choirs previously and Kensington Singers was recommended to me. It is fun and friendly, with a fantastic range of music. Hannah’s enthusiasm is infectious

Sergi – Tenor: I love how different voices can join together and create sounds/music that touch you. That makes me feel happy and connected with people. I also like to spend a little time a week learning and practising another language –  the musical language . That makes my mind cleaner and clearer for the next day/s.  A friend of mine was already in the choir and he recommended it to me as the best choir he had found. With such a recommendation, even if the choir is not near where I live, I had to join it!

Alan – Bass: I joined Kensington Singers over three years ago with some trepidation.  I had not been in a choir since school days over 45 years ago.  And I couldn’t read music then.  But the atmosphere was welcoming and the choice of music eclectic.  Then there was Hannah! Encouraging us enough to sound better but never letting us get disheartened when our fragile bass line was in danger of being overwhelmed.  Monday nights are great fun.  Come on boys, give it a go.  If I can, you can!

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