Joining Kensington Singers

Think you would like to sing in our friendly community choir? You would be more than welcome to come and join us. There are no auditions and you don’t need to have any previous experience to join in – you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can start making a brilliant sound. Everyone is welcome; our youngest member is 19 and our most senior is a young at heart 77, so we have a really great mix of experience and energy. 

Like most choirs, we are always very excited to hear from men/lower voices who would like to join the choir. Are you a tenor or bass that is contemplating coming along? Read some thoughts from current/past Kensington Singer lower voices HERE

Frequently Asked Questions

Where and when do you rehearse?

We rehearse at Essex Church near Notting Hill Gate Station (112 Palace Gardens Terrace, London, W8 4RT) on Monday’s during term time from 7pm to 8:30pm

How much does it cost?

The termly cost is £125, which is for all new members and existing members. This price includes rehearsals and performances, all sheet music and rehearsal MP3s. Fees help to pay for the cost of room hire, concerts, pianist when necessary etc. If you’re new to the choir you can book a taster session to try out, and the cost of this will be discounted off your term’s membership. Membership is paid at the start of each term  – payment cannot be made weekly as valuable rehearsal time will be taken up taking money and giving change. It also encourages higher attendance, effective rehearsals and better ensemble. I’m afraid we don’t offer discounts; the full fee is payable at whatever point you join during the term, to make it fair to those who have paid the full amount. We have a bursary scheme for people on a low income who are unable to afford choir fees. Kensington Singers Choir Bursary is for adults aged 18+ who would like to attend the choir but due to their financial situation are currently unable to do so. We are particularly interested in giving the bursary to people who think that singing would have a positive impact on their physical or mental health. Please click HERE to download the form.

What music do you sing?

I aim to offer a really rich variety of music, from folk songs to classical, to pop, to jazz and everything else. As a conductor I am reactive to the size, abilities and tastes of the group — each choir should have its own personality which is a combination of yours and mine.

Singers are normally expected to attend at least 70% of choir rehearsals if they’d like to perform in the end of term concert. The choir usually perform without music, which means that you will need to put in a little bit of time (an hour a week, spread over 7 days, is less than 10mins a day) to memorise words etc. There is a bit of  homework each week to revise 1 or 2 songs to ensure we are making progress at each rehearsal. MP3s are supplied to help with learning.
I've never sung in a choir before...

You don’t need to have any previous singing experience or be able to read music to join the choir. Everyone aged 18+ is welcome. There are no auditions. You’ll find that you pick things up as you go along and develop skills naturally. If you’re not used to singing regularly you’ll see a huge improvement in your voice after your first month or so. We always spend 15 minutes at the start having a good vocal warm up which will also include things like a bit of sight-reading practice, some rhythm games, vocal techniques and ear training.

If you are an experienced singer – great – I’ll be sure to throw some more challenging things your way and be really encouraging you to sing with good technique!

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